chapter ii

chapter ii


Life Well-Lived

We'll be at market this week finding great things for the shop, but to hold you over here are some fun pictures from The Well-Lived Life by Dominique Browning, a compilation of 100 years of House&Garden. Pretty much all of these pictures give me thoughts that begin with the words "I wish..." 
...that I was having a romantical picnic out on a polo field, wearing something fabulous.
And what I would give for an absurd amount of La Duree macaroons to magically appear right now, easily my baby toe. 

so clever, it's two halves of a boat...

tea time!

what's cuter than little ballerina tums?

looks like something's going to be pink...

And of course the greatest picture of Isaac ever. 

Wishing you a happy, well-lived week! 

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