chapter ii

chapter ii


Go Tell it on the Mountain

I have been desperately wanting to go visit the mountains this summer for the smell of Christmas, sound of rushing creekwater, chilly temperatures, rumors of a bear on the loose,
Actual photo of the the request of my mother we will be wearing bells while hiking....
hiking with Johnny, wearing my new hat, cooking, using our new picnic basket!, drinking wine, and of course, the ten hour drive there and back we have to look forward to...and Johnny has finally given us the go ahead! 
While I have made my trip to Half Price Books, purchased the 8 or so cassette tapes [seriously, cassettes] required to get through Ayn Rand's Fountainhead, I'm also looking forward to finishing my George Lang book, and reading through some of the aforementioned magazines with particular interest in Harper's article "The Most Stylish and Wicked Woman in Fashion" about Daisy Fellows.

Lang's book has taken time due to lack of time on my part, and almost the pleasure of still having it as my book to read in the tub. And my interest in the Bazaar article, is because of one of my favorite books ever, The Power of Style,

gave me my first very entertaining picture of who Daisy Fellows was. Such shocking and funny stories that I had to read some of them to Johnny.

"There was the time she gave a dinner party, with the guest list composed entirely of people who despised one another. She made sure to seat them so that a man's wife sat near his mistress, a divorcee next to her former husband, and a literary critic within whispering range of a writer whose book he had recently savaged."--The Power of Style

"Because she had a life of unlimited luxury, Daisy had more than ample opportunities to torture her friends. Her prize prison was the Sister Anne, a 150-ton yacht that lured a great many unsuspecting visitors to the Mediterranean each summer. Once on board, however, they discovered that the boat's magnificence did not extend to its cuisine. Daisy lived on caviar and vodka; her guests subsisted on tinned food. At some point on the cruise, Daisy would say, "I've got a treat for you. Hobbs has found a beautiful sirloin of beef onshore, and we're going to have it for lunch." Right on cue, Hobbs produced the beef. Everyone admired it. Everyone except Daisy. 'Oh, Hobbs, what a pity. It's gone bad!' she'd say, then grab the beef and fling it overboard."--The Power of Style

And how I wish it was possible to whisper on a blog, but quite frankly, she just sort of seems like a cray cray bitch. But, maybe I'm a bit guilty for finding the stories so entertaining...

And I have to apologize, but due to this trip, I'll probably be taking a teensy vacay from P&S...unless I can apply the appropriate pressure to a couple of people I have doing some guest posts....But, I'll be back next week with some mountainy posts...enjoy the rest of your week!

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Maggie said...

I'm jealous- I would love a vacation in the mountains! It sounds wonderful- enjoy! :)


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