chapter ii

chapter ii


Fall is Coming...

One small delight: stopping in to a grocery store, or running in quickly to CVS to grab some daily necessity like toothpaste, getting to the register and seeing big. fat. September magazines (!!) Combine that with the fact that the last few years magazines have become as thin as the models inside + a hot, hot, hot July and August, and you find a very happy me. Though the magazine may be filled to the brim with advertisements, fine with me.(Atleast people are paying for ads) And no less powerful than the escapism a book can provide with visions of fur and cozy sweaters, and seasons that actually change! How fantastical for the south Texan who has forgotten what a breeze must feel like, or why one might find a fireplace useful in their home? All signs lead to sweat until a powerful cool-front can muster its strength, and blow in bringing with it the promise of holidays! 
Those gold cuffs! And the chloe trousers+bow!

Classic and neutral

Charlotte Casiraghi might as well have been named Helen, with a middle name "of Troy." Goodness she's beautiful. 

It's coming! 

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