chapter ii

chapter ii


Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel was one of those movies that I desperately wanted to see, but due to the short time spent in theatres in San Antonio and my mother/email chain induced fear of going to movies alone, I missed my window of opportunity. Therefore I was delighted to find it on Starz On Demand last weekend when Johnny was out of town and in the one hundred degree heat somehow I found myself in bed with a cold, and a snoring Boston Terrier. 

And I could not have been happier. The movie is beautiful and smart, as is her story, albeit mixed with tragedy and hardship. But it's those hardships that I think created such a unique path for what has become one of the most important fashion houses/labels in the world. Through her clever schemes and unique vision, she s'mored her way to the top. 

The movie will have you touched, in tears, inspired, itching to go to Paris, eager to learn more about Chanel herself, 
craving champagne, tempted to steal your husband's clothes, determined to be waifish, pining over Boy Capel, 
"An exceptional future awaits you. You're like no one else, you have to trust yourself."

and wishing that you had a few spare thousands to throw at some classic Chanel staples for your own wardrobe...oh, and even more envious respect for the lovely, Audrey Tautou. 

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