chapter ii

chapter ii


"Who is Don Draper?"

Yeah, who is Don you love him? Or hate him? Is he good or bad? How does the mystery behind the man determine where he can go? I have no answers... but like every other person in America, I was so glad to hear that music, and watch the falling house of cards
introduction to the season's premiere last night. And to have again those thoughts that regardless of how obviously set in the past the show is, so many of themes are still in play today. It's always fun to think about what goes in to the image of something, whether it be a company or a person, and the difference between reality and what you can see. 

And I like how they started and finished the episode last night, pivoting around the power of Don's image, while in between showing lots of cracks [and a few slaps]... looking forward to next week's episode already. 

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