chapter ii

chapter ii


So, I may not be actually getting a new car anytime soon, especially a car with a year that's one ahead of the one we are currently in, but if I were so fortunate to be brainstorming up fun ideas like that, I am tempted to say that based on pictures and commercials, this is what I would choose.
The commercial is so cereal (which is Southpark for "serious" in case you thought I made a [foodian slip] typo), but I think I like that about it. I most definitely love the idea of actually building things we need in the US, everyone else probably should too.  Plus, I just think it's really good looking inside and out.

 It's not flashy,or too fancy. And it's not overly rugged either, just seems new and fresh with clean lines. What do you think?

(apologies about the formatting, embedded videos don't seem to fit the size of the blog) 

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