chapter ii

chapter ii


Riiise! and Shiiine!

Leaving bright and early in the 6's this morning, heading toward the mountains...and because my rendition of "Rise and shine! Give God the glory glory" is a bit less than even sub-par, this is a combination of what we'll be listening to on the plane and all weekend long thanks to these fine s'mores...

Ben's List:
1. Andre 3000-All together now
2. Delta Spirit-Trashcan
3. Mike Snow- Black and Blue
4. Jay Z- My first Song
5. Empire of the Sun- Walking on Dream
6. MGMT- Flash Delirium
7. Kid Cudi- Alive
8. David Bowie- Modern Love
9. Motley Crue- Kickstart my heart
10. Edward Sharpe- 40 Days
11. Ratatat- El pico

Vicker's Classics
1. Pull My Heart Away by Jack Penate
2. Black River Killer by Blitzen Trapper
3. Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep
4. King of Spain by Tallest Man On Earth
4. Excuses by The Morning Benders
5. Denton, TX by Damien Jurado
5. Generator (Second Floor) by Freelance Whales
6. Shampoo by Elvis Perkins in Dearland
7. This is What by Horse Feathers
9. Too Little Too Late by Department of Eagles
10. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
11. Way Back Home by Band of Horses
12. Call and Response by Or, The Whale

And I can hardly wait. Although, I secretly hope that they stop being cool for about 3 minutes and play Alejandro a couple of times... Wishing you a very happy, safe, fun, memorable, Fourth of July full of thanks! We are so fortunate. Enjoy! 

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog !
You make us so very happy, Mal !!!


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