chapter ii

chapter ii


It's shoes like this that represent the fashion-centered opposing forces that exist in my head. I love these, but in actuality, I'd probably feel like a bit of an impostor if ever I were to actually step on to a 6 inch platform. 

Maybe it's a safety issue? As in, I'd be walking around with a stark fear of falling plastered across my face...the fear that one tiny pebble could cause worry wrinkles when I haven't yet decided conceptually if botox is in my future...
Or an Austin casual issue? Because my friends in New York wouldn't hesitate a second at 6 inches. Does that make my flat to 4 inch range closer to a "home on the range"...

I'm not sure...but something about it feels brunette (read: on the other side of the "blondes have more fun" statement)and leaves me thinking it's more of a trend for me to adapt. Because I'm pretty sure in my case these shoes weren't made for walking... But who even needs exercise when your shoes have built-in sorcery powers to make your legs look skinny as ever and long as can be? 

Sigh. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lanvin Resort 2011. Photos from

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

Shoes like this are just torture to me as my 6 inch days are over whether I want them to be or not...stupid foot injury...that said, even though I am shawtyshortshort, sometimes I feel kind of manish and gigantic when I wear heels. I think maybe I need to embrace a more "I AM WOMAN HEAR MY ROAR" sexitude? Who knows. Maybe I am just a mousey brunette who prefers a tap shoe. But I am ok with that too.


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