chapter ii

chapter ii


Inception, how dreamy

It's one thing to be a smokin' hot babe.
And it's quite another to travel through various layers of dreams, yours and otherwise. 
And if I were to try to say more about Inception, I'd eventually write so much, but end up back at square one having said nothing cohesive, while lulling you into a dreamy state of your own...

But I will say, it is an experience. One that is slightly exhausting, supremely suspenseful, but undeniably interesting. Not to mention, agreeable to the notion of dressing well for travel. Albeit, this type of time fractured world traveling requires a heightened level of style done effortlessly, one that Inception very cooly accomplished.  It's not the main attraction, but every time my mind needed a break I was happy to spend time admiring the scenery. The approach to the men's wardrobes in particular seem so smartly executed. 
Oh and the special effects are so amazing, engaging, and vital to illustrate the whole concept rather synesthetically... Ode to be a fly on the wall as all of these ideas came together. I wish I had access to pictures that show more specifically what I'm talking about, but I'm thinking you'll probably have to just go see it, and admire some of the photos I found on the interwebs, while I try to brainstorm ways to eventually get to Asia...

those candles...

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Anthony said...

Nice write up...that movie was dirrrttaaayyyyyyyy


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