chapter ii

chapter ii


Happy Day!

It's Johnny's birthday! It's no mystery to me that this little love muffin:

Would turn out to be such a real life babe-muffin.

He's a man of many talents:

[charro Johnny]

Comfortable wearing several different hats:

An amazing driver:

With a seriously, practiced high kick:

Who has taken me to the best places I've been in the world:
And the best places I've been in my heart. I love him dearly, and am happy that 25 years ago today this little muffin-of-all trades was born.

And maybe one day 25 years from now, when Peeps&S'mores is a best selling book about all the inspiring s'mores of the world, I'll be able to get him something like this:

Because blue is his color me beautiful, and that coiffe should have access to wind.

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