chapter ii

chapter ii


Case for the Mondays

Things I'm happy about his Monday:
Of course, there's Johnny and our friends. It's never too difficult to remember the necessity of gratitude around our friends when they make us so happy and our lives so full.
Sunday nights in Austin with Toy Story, Asian spicy saucy noodles from Madam Mams, fresh bedding, a snuggly visiting vizsla, and ginger twist tea. 

Very pleased not to be Mel Gibson.

Happy that Whole Foods and the juice bar are right across the street so that I can go rejuvenate my liver with lots of cilantro. 
Happy about the knowledge of this new website Ben sent me: TheCoolHunter which will make you happy, excited, and jealous. 

And so, so happy about the new book I'm reading,
that not only has me laughing, crying, eager for more, and inspired but has also given me my #1 person to stalk the next time I go to New York. (And it's new to me but not new to the world, published in 1998) George Lang has just been bumped to the top of my list as I read his book, "Nobody knows the Truffles I've Seen." It offers such a strong dose of perspective (he survived, ala very clever decisions, persecution for being Jewish in Hungary during WWII and became a successful restaurateur in the US) served with a spoonful of sugar in the form of food tales and humorous vignettes sprinkled throughout material that will physically make your heart sink. I won't keep on about it since I'm not yet through, but I am very grateful that I stumbled upon this book so that I now have the knowledge of ultra s'morish George Lang and his story. I'll keep you posted when I finish it which may be today considering I can't put it down. 

And of course, so excited that tonight is the night that Tom and Larry will be on Anthony Bourdain! 
Hope you had a safe, happy, fun weekend and are having yourself a nice to start to a new week. 

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