chapter ii

chapter ii


Birthday Bowl

I know I said I'd stop talking about the cooking channel, but just in honor of a special s'more's birthday I had to include that if I were living in New York, this is where I'd be taking her for a birthday meal...
Xi'an's Famous Foods
(which sounds like shee-yan)
A) because we think the best food always comes in bowls, and B) because these look like the sauciest spiciest noodle bowls...maybe ever and C) because I'm not quite sure you can FedEx a Love Bowl...but if you live in Dallas and have access to State & Allen... it's never a bad idea for you to go get one right now. And D) because it looks like they are about $5. 

And finally, because the only thing better than eating spicy, saucy, food from bowls, is eating spicy, saucy, food from bowls with a friend. Any maybe splitting a few packs of peanut butter cups after.
Happy Birthday!

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