chapter ii

chapter ii


Baby it's hot outside...

So it's obviously about 1,000 degrees outside, mas o menos. But these are anything but hot. Have you ever tried frozen raspberries? I think raspberries are so amazing in general, that incredible color and all of those little pieces that stick together and form that little tiny raspberry cup, not to mention how delicious they are. Fruit like raspberries always reminds me of the part in Willy Wonka where the tulip is an edible cup... So Dreamy. Well, it turns out they are equally tasty when you freeze them, especially because when you take a bite they crumble into a consistency reminiscent of Dippin' Dots... which could be a good or bad thing dependent upon the amount of zinc wearing/t-shirt swimming your memories of theme and water parks consist of. Oh and stray floating band-aids-who could forget those. Either way, they are great for summer, refreshing, and healthy, so freeze up some raspberries and enjoy. 

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