chapter ii

chapter ii


"Action is Character."

So this may seem untimely, but, seeing as "An Education" is in the New Release section of Movies on Demand right now, I thought it's quite alright to bring it up just in case you hadn't gotten around to watching it either--because you should. 

The most obvious reasons being that Carey Mulligan is of course darling, and that the whole aesthetic of the movie is so pleasant to watch. The bonus reason: Johnny liked it too, which means you can snuggle up to enjoy it also. 

And, everything in between. The first time I heard about "An Education" I was almost annoyed with the title. Because it seems so unsettled, like it's in the middle of a sentence, cut off from somewhere, or beginning something that you can't yet know of just hearing the title. That initial perturbment (which is in no way an actual word but 100% should be) gradually subsides as you watch the movie and leads you to one of the conclusions of it being so great. 

Especially knowing that the entire movie is based on one chapter of a novel. That whole idea just makes me more in love with the characters and their stories, and the concept of the whole film. It's just what the title is, a little blip that says so much about what it's introducing that is stuck in the middle. It's not the beginning, nor the end. It's a complete story as much as it's not. It is just great.

It's smart, hilarious, relatable, thought provoking, sweet, charming, dreamy, interesting, playful... And that awkward feeling about Ewan McGregor goes away too. Eventually...

Yet another to add to my reading list.

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