chapter ii

chapter ii



Finally! A new post. My computer and I have both been a bit under the weather, I with strep throat, my computer with no charge. Sad day, especially because Mac chargers are like $80! Anyway, thanks to Hutch's charger and some antibiotics, we are back in business...albeit with a little less energy than usual. So, lazily but with excitement I'll refer you to another website for the day- San Antonio Tidbits. You're probably already familiar with Tidbits, but if not, I highly recommend jumping over there and getting on their email list. Every day you'll end up with some tidbit of insider information or discounted delight. From massages, to manicures, to new restaurants, they cover all the bases in several cities. Luckily for us today, they're covering the 5th base...and featuring our new section at 5 Broads. So check out our write up, and enjoy access to plenty more Tidbits in the future. And I promise I'll be back to daily posting from here on out!

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