chapter ii

chapter ii


 Summer in Texas may mean a lot of things to different people. It's a vacation time for students, it's a time to get a new AC if you drive an old Benz,

a time to go to the lake or beach any chance you get, etc. But it's also one of the high seasons for one of our favorite treats: s'mores. Here's a fun article from with the gooeyest most delicious looking s'more I may have ever seen, 

photo by Laura Skelding

as well as a link my mom sent me to a cute new place that serves up gourmet mallows-- Mia Mallows. 

And, I'll be honest, I'm not like a big marshmallow fanatic, (Obvi, I love s'mores, ate one on Friday, and detest peeps, eat them never) I just think that they really work as the basis for my philosophy, but these Mia Mallows look pretty good. 

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

That firstish picture is like s'more porn.


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