chapter ii

chapter ii


Stella's Spring. Love: Lots of it.

This makes me laugh, and happy. When we were on our trip at one point we got into a conversation about "Resort" Collections, and Johnny's dad did not gusta. It started probably with the observation about how easy it is to spot a "cruiser" because they literally look like they went to a special place to specifically purchase a cruising wardrobe, complete with pants that turn into shorts and all things waterproof. Somehow this segued into the resort-wear convo where I wish we could have just cut to this little clip rather than try to explain why there's an additional season because of the weather and people's travel schedules I guess? Anyway, the video's short but happy.

And I luuurve all of these pretty Stella things. Especially the structures of the jackets and the color palatte- the pinks and reds...really love.
perfect pink&red
love. black.
so fresh, so pristine.
I'm not sure there's much cuter. 
I'm almost afraid if there is. 

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SogniSorrisi said...

Oooh! Some great pieces.


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