chapter ii

chapter ii


The S'morish Doris Buffett

"I can't really think of a problem,...maybe if I was Jimmy Buffett's sister that would have been a problem..."
I'm not going to say much, but I caught an interview last week with Charlie Rose & Doris Buffett. As if Warren Buffett could be any cuter with those cokes and burgers, brilliance, and billions...then here comes his sister...I found myself thinking, "I thought Betty White was the only Golden Girl left?" She's a firecracker. Totally honest, and hilarious. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of her book, "Giving It All Away."
Notice when the interviewer asks if she ever finds it difficult to be in Warren's shadow...she lifts her hand and subsequently loses sight of the interviewer under the shadow of that rock on her finger...but she has lots of good bits of Buffett wisdom to share. 

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