chapter ii

chapter ii


Red Wine & Blues

As you are starting to think about your weekend plans and things that might be nice to bring in case you're staying with someone or hosting others, it seems that the combination of wine&gifts is a pretty solid one. Wine is to friends what candy is to convince grandchildren they're with their favorite grandparent.

For wine, I introduce to you a wine that Johnny's mom found recently: "Our Daily Red." The label is funny and laughs are always a welcome weekend treat. Not to mention, it's tasty, inexpensive, and organic. The lack of sulfites translates into lack of hangover too. Double points.

And if you need a little something thoughtful to take to a beach or lake house you may be visiting, here are some beautiful options in shades of blue:

Little accent pillows

and beautiful embroidered guest towels

That you can find right here at 5 Broads...come see us!

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Katherine said...

I want the turtle!!! (And pretty much everything on the blog!)


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