chapter ii

chapter ii



The odds of me having cool music on my ipod, aside from the occasional "Our God is an Awesome God" interlude, are in large part thanks to this one:
Go figure. Because I'm not really a seeker. I love having new music, and am always happy to be on the receiving end, but I haven't been lost in iTunes in quite some time. That's [one reason] why it's great to have friends like Alex. Her nimble little hands are to a cd burner as little children's are to sewing thimbles.

Here's a playlist of her current Top Ten, which in real life far exceeds ten, (so hopefully we'll get another list soon):

1. Twenty Miles by Deer Tick
2. Laredo by Band of Horses
3. Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford & Sons
4. Gotta Cheer Up by Cotton Jones
5. Harold T. Wilkins by Fanfarlo
6. Rich Doors by New Villager
7. Tunnelvision by Here We Go Magic
8. Houseboat Babies by Reptar
9. The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells
10. ONE by Yeasayer

Happy i-podding...  

More playlists to me if you have a good one...

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