chapter ii

chapter ii



I was flipping through this book the other day, The Style, Inspiration and Life of Oscar de la Renta casually just to see all things attractive in the world of Oscar de la Renta...when I started picking up on little s'morsels of complimentary information. Turns out, he not only creates beautiful things, lives in beautiful places, surrounded by beautiful people, he is apparently pretty toasty on the inside too. He loves his wife and lots of children, and people just have the best things to say about him. One nice thing I'll say about him is that, in my book, his name should be Oscar de la S'more....         ...unless that's taking things a bit far?

And obviously lots of fun

With a darling wife like this...

And even with homes like this....

-says Oscar.

Hoping you have yourself an inspired and happy weekend!

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Bailey@peppermintbliss said...

I mean...what could be more chic than a man who loves his wife?
One of his many fab homes was really close to the boarding school I went to in CT and I often fantastized about running away from campus and showing up on Mr. De La Sm'ores doorstep with my worldly possessions slung over my shoulder at the end of a stick tied with a scarf ala Huck Finn.
I wonder if he would have taken me in given all this talk of his generous spirit? Coulda woulda shoulda I guess.


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