chapter ii

chapter ii


Eric Ripert is a Silver Fox

As if I really need to point out to you the foxiness of this silvery creature:

But, I just needed to express it somehow. And this picture came with the words "GET TOASTED"...which to me signifies Kismet. He is the perfect addition to the Top Chef judges table, if they weren't going to get Bourdain,  because even when his accent comes off slightly undecipherable and you can tell he may have a bit of nerd in him...he still looks prettay good in a suit. And I'm sure he'll be at Food&Wine festival this weekend, so let's hope that Tita pulls through and is able to get 1 or all 3 of the following requests I've put in:
a) a picture of him
b) an autograph, which hopefully comes inside some delish cookbook
c) some drops of his hot sweat. 

We wish you lots of luck, Tita. And wish everyone else a Happy Weekend. 

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