chapter ii

chapter ii


Case of the Mondays

So, it's Monday. I have this fantasy that one day I'll wake up and be able to sing my own version of Biggy's "Juicy." ...."Mondays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirstay..."

Alas, this doesn't seem likely. But, as Mondays have been a weakness of mine for some time now, I've decided that I should take some sort of proactive measure in order to weaken the force that it is.

For a while I thought that I would start anonymously sending people books from their Amazon lists

...all the sudden people would just be getting random PFM's (Perfect Friendly Magics, ala 3rd grade) and have to be nice to everyone just in case...and I'd had fun knowing the secret...until I looked at my bank account and realized that wouldn't be such a great idea for a little while. Hopefully someday, but then is my cover blown?

Now, I've come to the decision that maybe I should quit being such a pansy and realize that the Monday lulls may be the worst thing to ever complain about. And instead, maybe harness a bit of that into thinking of all reasons to be thankful that I've been lucky enough to have yet another Monday, as a healthy, young gal married to quite the Baldwin,
living in Texas,
with lots of healthy, fun, smart, supportive family and friends around, a new business...and on and on. And you can just keep going further and further and eventually you end up in a place where you're just so happy because you're not wearing a burka or being told how many kids you can have and of what sex...(I'm looking at you, Chiner) or being starved by a crazy dictator with the largest Mercedes, heels, and pornograpy collection the world may know of (that's you North Korea) just by the sheer blessing that you were born the children to your parents and they to theirs and on and on in this place instead.

With that said, I think it's a nice way to start this week, thinking about taking a Thanksgiving approach to the 4th of July. Because, as s'morish places go, things may get a bit messy sometimes but that's no need to turn into Peeps about it...[insert name here]

Hoping you have a nice Monday, and that Peeps&S'mores will be full of delightful ingredients for you this week-from recipes to playlists, and maybe a guest post from Mary Claire...

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Cinched at the Waist said...

Was having such a case of the Mondays before reading this, beautiful and funny post!


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