chapter ii

chapter ii


Baby Broads

Hope everyone is home safe from a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Amelita and I have finally opened our section in 5 Broads Off Broadway! Very exciting that it is finally here, and we were happy to receive our first shipment of antiques for the store yesterday. Here's a glimpse from Day 1:
Basically since March, Amelita and I have been out and about searching antique stores, RoundTop tents, estate sales, the interwebs,etc. to bring together a collection of unique home furnishings and antiques. We focused mainly on beautiful old antiques, a lot of French painted pieces, and then have mixed in some contemporary/mid-century modern pieces, here and there with interesting coffee table books, gifts, and a great candle and soap line that legitimately smells divine.
It's a work in progress but looking pretty good!If you're in San Antonio, stop by and see us! Lots more fun things to come. 

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MM said...

CONGRATULATIONS girls! We cannot wait to visit. So proud of you.


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