chapter ii

chapter ii


After seeing the new movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" last night under the impression that it was about Banksy, I left the theatre with a funny, but not unpleasant, feeling of duped-ness. I think contemporary art can have that effect anyway, which is why it's so fun--the fine line, but literally the movie is pretty humorous too. Obviously, Banksy has a good sense of humor,

but what becomes funny is the central character that the movie ends up being about, Thierry Guetta.

 In addition to coming off in broken English as a well intentioned, innocent, bit of a fool, and that being funny, he also conveniently enough captured interesting footage about street art that I guarantee I otherwise never would have come across. While Guetta's big art show, and integrity as an artist is at very least questionable, I still think it's funny that there's this element of hypocrisy... Mr. Brainwash using Banksy's and other's names basically as his own propaganda to fuel his own movement...
There's no restraint, not alot of purpose other than aesthetics, but definitely passion. It's simply fun to watch. And now I know what it means in the descriptions of the movies that say, "a documentarian who set out to make a film about Banksy and failed..." I'd say, you should still go see it. Especially if like me, DC is where the White House is along with your friends from college rather than a skater shoe company. Fun to take a glimpse and have a little laugh. 

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