chapter ii

chapter ii


Travel Log:
Roman Holiday.
For a split second. Landed at 7 am after a flight in the Brady Bunch section of the plane. You know, the middle 4 seats? Well, that's why God created sleeping pills. And really, I would have sat next to Jan and her lisp for 9 hours for the results that were ahead.
Checked a few of the "must-sees" off our list and the trees! and had a serious napping session in the afternoon, thus, making it to my second "must-see" European city, and not seeing its main "must-see"- the Vatican. The first was Paris without the Eiffel Tower, somehow sitting in a [beautiful] Parisian apartment eating Crueslix with wine and cigarettes (until the whole let's smoke because we are in Paris thing just started to hurt) seemed like more fun. But, I was mostly excited about seeing the Pantheon anyway, and it so happened to be in walking distance from hotel. That was wonderful.
Had yummy pizza and copious amounts of wine in darling pitchers. We think we got in trouble by the owner for requesting to sit somewhere other than where he told us to...but who knows, Johnny is a tourist-phobe which often breeds pre-experience guilt. Confusing enough? Yep. Hilarious? Pretty much. But it meant that because our recommendation for the restaurant came with the advice "each order your own pizza in true Italian way," that I got to actually eat a whole pizza without a lifted brow "You're really still eating?" look...and more of a, "We'll get through this, even it takes 3 pitchers of wine." I love honeymoons.
Dialogue over room service the next morning: Me:"Johnny, Look! Hearts in our cappuccinos..." said with a sigh and a big smile. Johnny: from under the blankets, unamused, "Mal, they do that at Starbucks." Eye roll. wah. wah. (He's also a cliche-phobe)
Anyway, I definitely wish we would have had more time in Rome, and hope I'll get to go back eventually. What would it be like to actually live for your whole life in a place so connected to the past? Wonder how that perspective guides you. I just love the concept of old&new. I guess it's juxtaposition that I like. (Something we are also working with for the shop) The idea of mixing old and new, because it creates some sort of mysterious dialogue full of hints and clues about the people in that space. You know, whether it be a home or a city, it's telling of the people to see how all the elements come together. What lasted from the past, how far it's taking us into the present and future. Love that.
I was almost getting sad that we weren't just spending our honeymoon thinking about this whole puzzle, but our trip down to Naples for the ferry was pretty fun too. That is, once I decided that while the highway lanes were obviously perceived to all driving them as merely suggestive, that traffic worked in chaotic harmony and we would probably not get in a wreck no matter how inevitable it seemed.
Noticed in Naples that Italy may be the only place in the world where a snack bar sandwich is delicious and a man driving a van can actually look attractive thanks to his tan, sunglasses, and tailoring. Love honeymoons.

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