chapter ii

chapter ii


Travel Log:
On to Capri! 
(Which instead of being said like the pants, is actually said like "cah-pree" we've learned...)
Surprised that no one mentioned that getting there might be most aptly described through the lyrics of "Another Bites the Dust." Every wave we hit, another of the Birken clad, we wear sunglasses inside, glam passengers would get up and wobble on their weak sea legs to the bathroom. It sounds sad, and I'm just glad it wasn't us, but really it was hard not to laugh because it was without fail. At one point, I abruptly stopped laughing about one man because I thought I had mistaken a fake leg for a seasick strut...but I hadn't. He was just nauseous, with real legs. And it was real hilarious. Almost as funny as Johnny's refusal to ever carry a roller-bag. Even if that means inconveniently carrying two 60 pound Jon Harts around.

"Roller-bag never. Underwear sometimes." .....

But, it was worth all of the tum ups and downs to arrive at this place:

And then to arrive at this hotel:
With only 30 rooms, and little touches of antiques and collectibles everywhere so that you felt like you were in someone's [ridiculous] home:
With views like this:

And a patio like this:
And the best bar tender:

Who we taught how to make the most dynamite michelada that side of the Atlantic, especially tasty thanks to fresh squeezed tomato juice and lemons picked off the trees
and squeezed right there...the perfect refreshment post hike.

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

I have been SQUEELING looking at all of your pics, I has been there! To the lemon restaurants. Isn't is MAGICAL?


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