chapter ii

chapter ii


Hellooo Again!

So. We are back! And I have a lot to report...But, because it's Friday and I also have one million thank you letters to write and a new business starting up I will have to put off the blogging until Monday. But, I also couldn't really stay away from the blogosphere for too much longer....[nerd alert] I thought I would connect you, if you are not already, to a blog that has no cold shoulder and will never let you down with its slacker ways...

Peppermint Bliss is amazing. Bailey refers to herself as a "decorblogger" but, I suggest that when you are in the mood for say, a hilarious story, wedding ideas from location to flowers to paper,

in addition to pictures of dream spaces,

that you surf your way over there and check out Bailey's blog. Always entertaining, full of inspiring ideas, things you wish you could buy:
and links to interesting people and other blogs. So rather than commit her to one title of blogging style, I'd say she's quite the s'more. Speaking of, here's a picture she sent me this morning:
...of what I wish I was eating for lunch.
Yes, that is a s'more pie. (After two weeks of pastas for lunch, I think I'll be dragging myself to the juice bar...well, we'll see...) And while it is undoubtedly more delicious than these little morsels of peepdom that she also sent me:

It's no where near as hilarious.

Enjoy your weekend! And newly found access into a very fun way to spend your time at work on a Friday.

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

As my future mother-in-law would say...aren't you just DARLING! Thanks for the shoutout my dear!


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