chapter ii

chapter ii



Haha...sneaky face. It was not an easy secret to keep by any means, but I am happy that the cat is out of the bag! As Amelita put it the week before the wedding, I went from being an engaged girl who lives at home with her parents to a married girl who lives in Austin and owns half a business all in a matter of weeks. Which couldn't be better because after a project like a wedding, only honeymoons and more projects can keep post bridal depression at bay. But, it was really the most magical time. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day because I couldn't have better friends, better family, or a better husband. And while a surprise wedding may seem a bit B-Spears of seemed like the perfect solution to be able to focus on the purpose of getting married. My expectations were far exceeded. I am, we are, beyond blessed. And the outfit was fun too...

And thank you, Alex for these pictures(!)

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