chapter ii

chapter ii


Super S'more

Ok, sorry to leave you with Tiger+Baileys+ the dirty things that might have possibly popped into your head about that post-sub love making slices of un-ripended tomatoes sliding down a sweaty back? Ok, too much I know. But, still funny. It is. Or I think it could be.
Anyway, let's get back to more positive/pretty/funny/important things like making sure to identify a super s'more with the newest show to make the "All Episodes" recording distinction on our DVR, Cortney Novagratz from 9 By Design.
If you watched the show on Tuesday and didn't think to yourself that you'd like to be as cool/chill/sweet/gorgeous as she when you grow up, then you're in a high risk pool for peepdom. Or you're a man. And it's okay to not want to be as much like Robert as long as you know that Robert is cool just by association. And that he's good at both of his jobs.

Their design philosophy, and parenting philosophy, they said on the show, are pretty much the same, that they just figure things out as they go. But it's not that they are winging things, it's that they are very present. They obviously have strong foundations so their ship was already going its course, but they are less concerned about they way their lives fit into standards or patterns or whether or not they are following the rules. They are creative, and inspired, and as contemporary chic as could be, but they've got all those kids and are obviously really good people who are really good at what they do. They are all great, and she is particularly awesome. And her kids are hilarious. And I can't wait to hang out with them again next Tuesday at 9 on Bravo, which is where I tend to hang out with a lot of my friends...oh when will you come back to me Jeff Lewis!

And their website is v. cool. CLICK HERE

And here's a link to Richard Woods site as well

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