chapter ii

chapter ii



[and I don't know who took this photo...just not me]
I know I should probably be uploading posts of all the secret tasks I have been doing in the past couple of months to plan a surprise wedding, but first things first. Thanks to Ashley, I will be actually in the same room with Anthony Bourdain tonight. It matters less that there will be hundreds of other people in the room too, and more that by my calculations he must be in Austin as I type. Which means very quickly I need to come up with a plan of action. Go to the airport? Wait outside the Four Seasons or Saint Cecilia... wander up and down Congress...all for a glimpse of that silveriest fox. It's not a lie to say that one option I've considered upon actually seeing him is just plain licking his face. Nevermind that I'd be arrested, or that that's a gross thing to do, our names would forever be attached...on a police report. And because we are both married it would be ok. Is that an appropriate justification? Probably not. But a flip video and spy handbag wouldn't be impossible to acquire by 7.

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