chapter ii

chapter ii


Soft knock life

The combination of these words: "Austin Yarn Bomber" is almost exciting, or almost fearful, or if it were a word I would say fearbit, like a little bit scary, but there is nothing frightening about yarn. Bombing, yes. Yarn, no.

Hilarious? Banksy? Always. And this may be the common ground for this unexpected connection, yarn and street art.

But, because it doesn't look like Banksy is likely to make it down to Austin anytime and graffiti us a hilarious mural of the first annual Bum Run a)because that would be anti-Banksy and b) too capitalistic (that some of the larger, lazier, obvious bums should maybe be asked to participate in a little race to win money for the "sandwich" that will be hiding in a paper bag and stuffed inside of a shiney green Heineken can pretending to be a Milwaukee's Best so as to maintain street-cred, purchased from Whole Foods, because they can afford marked up prices based on where their offices are located...followed delightfully with a minty Kool cig)...or maybe a mural of a bum holding up a sign that says he'll only accept organics... no, no, I'm getting carried away, and quite frankly a bit too mean...sorry Austin pan-handlers can come on a little strong, and I'm only talking about the ones who you'd see on the news anyway who admit to making like $30k a year in their job field...not the ones who might be Jesus just like your Grandmother says, or as illustrated on Bruce Almighty. So, just the ones who have ipods and things like that.

Aside from the point, apologies, it will be a local artist, Magda Sayeg, who will be bringing a new flare to street art in Austin, and lots of places around the world. (Rome is next)
She doesn't sneak around and actually graffiti things, she gets permission, grants, and commissions to go around and bring her knitting to the streets. It's actually a pretty funny concept, knit hits the streets...anyway, at first it doesn't seem like it's going to be that exciting, it sort of just sounds old ladyish, but then you look at the pictures of her creations and they're quite fun. And she's pretty darling to boot. Her husband said they remind him of Dr. Seuss...and there's nothing to dislike about bringing a little bit of that into our every day. She's a great example of someone who went out, and put her marshmallow in the fire. (Especially because she worked her way up from she's even cooler, and my prior rant is even meaner) so, while it might be fun to come across things like this in your city:

It will also be nice to come across sweet things like this:

...that might just make you SMILE.

CLICK HERE to read Statesman Article/watch small video


CLICK HERE to look at more Banksy that Banksy himself had nothing to do with

****Disclaimer: I care about humans. I really do. The bum thing is a joke. Don't be a peep about it.

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