chapter ii

chapter ii


A reason to cross over to the east side:
Two words: Pollo Rico.
If a $13 dinner with dynamite green sauce for a few people isn't enough reason to venture over, think of it as an adventure, a cultural experience. And when you scurry back home with the best smelling pick up order that has ever been in your car, and take your first bites, you will feel instantly the latent power of obesity you didn't think you had a gene for. Your brain will say "I am quite positive I can not get enough of this." But eventually, you'll calm down with each satisfying morsel and you'll be normal again, albeit changed and eager to return. Promise.

There are lots of them all over the city but the one we go to is:
1928 E. Riverside Dr.
Austin, Texas, 78741
And it's just a drive through window so no need really to place an order before by phone.

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