chapter ii

chapter ii


Peep Show

I'm getting a bit nervous that the new Sex and the City movie is going to be a peep show. And while I will miss going to a packed theatre at the Angelica with Mary Claire, sneaking in our own wine rather than getting a syrupy cosmo in a plastic cup, everyone around us dressed up as their favorite character... I think I have found, rather Austin Tidbits found, the place to go see it: The Gold Class Cinemas. For the experience of watching a movie in "Madonna's private jet"? Count me in.
But, I think HabituallyChic is onto something again in knowing that the best part about the movie will be all of the different design elements. From commercials the costumes seem a bit ridiculous but I'm sure some of them will be great... and I'm sure Miranda will still be frustratingly dorked out...
but the interiors will most likely be enviously interesting. Already, I am obsessed with that coffee table:
And of course, we can only dream about what more we can see of her/his closet:
But, the only thing keeping me hanging on to not being driven almost crazy by SJP's over-emphasis every time she opens her mouth is that she channeled this:
for the Oscars:

And I'm basically in love with all things Thomas Crown related/am going to have to work very hard to get Johnny in shorts that short for our honeymoon...if that volcano ever stops....oh please stop!!

But, if I remember my feelings post Sex and the City Movie 1 correctly, I was pleasantly hopefully those cheating hints are intentionally misleading.

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