chapter ii

chapter ii


Fiesta- The Coronation

So this past week was Fiesta, and for any who might not be familiar...I won't really explain. There's too much to explain. So maybe I'll just say that it is the San Antonio equivalent of Mardi Gras. Silly politics aside, it can be quite... s'morish. The Coronation, to me, is especially cool/interesting because there is just nothing like it. And like I said before, not the politics of it, as in taking the whole royalty thing seriously, but the actual showcase of artistic talent both on the design/research end as well as the production both of the coronation and of the dresses.

This year in particular I thought it was clear to see why we might be drawn to a tradition like this one. And by "we" I mostly mean women, but then again, men too. With the theme this year being "The Court of Dazzling Adornments" each train's theme was developed around the inspiration of a 20th century jewelry house/designer. The designers ranged from David Webb, to Bulgari, Van Cleef and Arpels, Mikimoto, Graff, Cartier etc. The list goes on, and as each duchess crossed the stage glittering from head to toe, it became easy to see what it is that is so fascinating about the whole thing. It's that quite simply, it's beautiful. And as most beautiful things go, I mean really beautiful things, they can't really exist only on a surface level.

These themes are researched, drawn, and discussed for years before anyone actually dreams of sewing on the first bead. And then, how many beads and sequins there are! Lots of busy hands working with lots of skill. It's that committment on top of the sheer wow-factor at how gorgeous some of these creations really are that make this quite the tradition. And to go further, especially with this year's stage, it really does end up looking like a big jewelry box, a jewelry box of girls, in a way making them treasures.

On an intrinsic value scale, some might say a diamond is really just a rock, but it's just not. Which leads down an entirely new path about what it is we love about jewels and things that are shiny. In a sense we are very similar to the octopus as the whole origin for "Octopus's Garden" came from the fact that they swim around collecting shiny things on the ocean floor for their gardens. You know, spruce things up a bit. How s'morish just to cover yourself in sparkling things and be beautiful. Why not? And maybe it's just because I get sentimental about things that might remind me of Mr. Darcy, but that bow that the boys do when the girls do, is pretty attractive. Simple and quick enough not to notice, but I like. It makes me think back to what it must have been like originally, how the purpose has changed but stayed the same, where this would have been even more charming, that the whole thing becomes a little bit more exciting.

They are exquisite, see for yourself:

The Colors!

The Detail!

I just think they are phenomenal peices of art.

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