chapter ii

chapter ii


Ever drank Baileys from a Shoe?

If cheating on your wife and being an all-star bad sport curmudgeon isn't reason enough to think Tiger's gone to the dark, scaly man-fish side, this certainly is:

"He bought her dinner only once.... he called to say he'd be a few minutes late. 'He said, 'I'm getting something to eat at Subway,' and I said, 'I'm pretty hungry too. Could you pick me up a chicken wrap?' They ate their subs before making love that night, and Tiger washed his down with Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. 'Straight out of the bottle,' Lawton says.

I'm sure by bottle she meant, "cleat." And I can't wait for his Baileys/Subway commercials where he eats a $5 foot long washed down with a Nike cleat full of Baileys. Either way, I find this unforgivable. Run Elin Run!

Click here for Old Greg motha licka

Also, shame on you Vanity Fair for the photo spread of all of those bad women too, they're no better than he...

Grace Kelly post to follow...

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

"and by bottle I'm sure she means cleat" I am dying.


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