chapter ii

chapter ii



They are trying to take over!! I wish I could open up a store in the shape a marshmallow, slightly toasted on one side that would work with the same precision as a cuckoo clock. Every hour on the hour, flames would come from the top reminding you to stick your marshmallow in the fire. Not to sugar coat and package. Our small marketing car of choice would be a mini cooper. Not a bug. Bugs, unless old, cute, and named ocho, are most often for peeps. Especially the yellow ones. I bet they are playing Mandy Moore's "Candy" inside hoping that she pulls up in her light green bug from the video. I am shaking in my boots. Now if only that store would get caught in some fire...

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Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh I am DYING. P.S. I have started referring to people as Peeps, and Pete thinks I am INSANE...looks like someone needs to start reading your blog and get a CLUE, what a peep.


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