chapter ii

chapter ii



"Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of this country as is Wall Street and the rail roads."-Harry S. Truman
It's hard to beat a dog show, especially when you want one/some animals to snuggle.
But, I actually sort of liked that Shiba Inu this year...because he looks so foxy.
What I really want is real fox. Like the Grizzly Man or the Talented Mr. Fox
proves a fox can be pretty precious. I think if you got a fox when it was still a baby,
and raised it like a dog, it would make a good pet. But if that happened I'd probably want a lamb, and then I'd want a donkey, then I'd want a pig, and when the lamb turned into a sheep I'd want a new lamb... if you give a mouse a cookie...
But if I can't get a real fox, I think I've caught this red thing from the vizslas, I'd go for a red poodle and leave his hair wild enough to look like a teddy bear
or a little cavalier.
Hard to beat those faces.


Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

I want a baby lamb!!!! I also want a floppy eared bunny but I know bernie would eat it. And then last night I had a dream that we had a baby goat. In our house in Chicago. And woke up actually thinking, oh fuck, what am I going to do with the goat today when I go run errands! Side effect of wedding stress perhaps? Or just good old fashioned insanity?

Mal said...

haha-- yes, i've already had dreams that i get married in a t-shirt. not fun. but! we had a lop earred bunny our senior year in college (all in all a bad idea) but he was darling. His name was Pagoda. Anyway, one day one of our friend's boyfriend's brought over his big dog and our roommate thought picked up a wave we were not picking up on that the dog and bunny would get along just fine. we thought she was crazy...and she was totaly right. he also had a fun time playing with my cousins little maltese bc they were like the same size. you can potty train them also....

Mal said...

*friend's boyfriend


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