chapter ii

chapter ii


So I did this a few weeks ago

And figured I may just continuously try to add these funny graham crackery morsels I've heard in a weekend.

"She's her own little person and I'm her teacher and it's my job to babysit her for God until she can take care of herself."- Kelly Cutrone, talking about her little Ava, while choosing first day of school outfits..."This outfit says, 'I am so excited to be back at school!'" Seriously cute. I can still remember what I wore on the first day of Anyway, she may be a bit unattractive and quirky, but she definitely has a genuine and interesting perspective. (Kelly, not Ava) And,yes, Mary Claire, I'm buying her book asap.
**sidenote: Did you see when Andrew S. gave Stefanie Skinner highlights? That was like the gay/fashion equivalent of a Biblical footwashing. It was really sweet, touching really. Not to mention he's always willing to share his 'scrips. Good people come in many forms.

"I love a gingy."- Andy Cohen on gingers.

"Oh you've got to be effing kidding me."-maybe not the most original words, but the timing was perfect, and you know who you are.

"I think we really separate ourselves in the nerd round."- Ben on the unique strength of his trivia team. Goodluck, nerd on.

Oh and of course, in honor of Mardi Gras-"It's not such a Big Easy on the way back is it?"- a text received from my Dad on way from Nola to Houston this weekend last year, thanks for the reminder Mattie.

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