chapter ii

chapter ii


The Olympics have had me glued to the TV. I've never been one for actually turning the television to a channel with sports playing unless the Spurs are in the finals or something, but all of these neat events really have me hooked. I had never seen the Biathlon where those men ski and then shoot guns? It was strange in a good way. And aside from the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the ice louge has been really captivating. It really is sad, but I also think that maybe it all happened so quickly that he couldn't have really had much more fear than he's used to from the sport. Hope that's right.
And the moguls. Soo fast. UpDownUpDownUpDown.
And, of course, some Valentines couples figure skating. Ridiculous. Who knew it was so hilarious?
Will Farrell I guess. But, the one thing I am worried about is that Russian team...
I have a weird feeling that the man in the figure skating couple may have been seriously abused with a cattle prod last night after he fell. Either that or leather whips. But most likely to the sound of trance music. His final move in the routine was pretty obviously a call for help..."Please God!"
If I could post a picture of their very severe coach, dressed all in black I would, but I can't find one. Here's one where you can see his crazy eyes though:

Very chilly....


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