chapter ii

chapter ii


I knew it before now, but last night I just thought again, the McNay is awesome. And that's one of those things, just because you've been to a museum doesn't mean you can just stop's always a new experience. Always enjoyable.
The space, the yards, the pond, the lighting, the sculptures, the museum shop,Lauren's wedding, and of course, the art- all awesome. I was sad that the lecture was completely full, but still had a happy time walking through the new Impressionist Sensibility and Truth/Beauty Pictorialism and Photograph as Art. With the weather outside cold, grey, dark, and stormy [thirsty?] it was not only the perfect night to be inside a glowingly warm place but it also felt like somewhere very different from San Antonio...
Sometimes with art, it's the concept that hooks me, but what's nice about an exhibit like this is simply, beauty. And beyond the stylistic characteristics that deem Impressionistic art beautiful, it's also that feeling that your privy to this captured moment. I'm guessing that's why it's so popular too, because there's a sense of relatability to the subjects, or the feelings that in essence are impressed on you. The pairing of the two exhibits is also cool because you can see sort of what impression a photograph gives you versus a painting done of a similar subject. And, I wish more than anything that I could have snapped some photos of the frames! The frames are exquisite! They added so much. So now you'll just have to put on an outfit and go see them for yourself. It's very worth it, and the outfit is just for fun.

Here were a few of my favorites:

this one above wasn't actually there, but there is a Frieske painting that's gorgeous I just couldn't find it online...

The Blue Lantern,%20Robert

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