chapter ii

chapter ii


New Obsession: Fleur Cowles

On a scale of 1-10 how badly do you want to get your hands on a copy of a magazine "covering fashion, travel, art, decor and literature...[with] pop-up pictures, see-through cover cutouts, heat-sensitive invisible ink, scented pages, innovative inserts and booklets, accordion folds, peekaboo flaps, fiver printing techniques, different textures of paper, silklike materials, fabric swatches, gold ink, removable art prints, split pages on the fashion spreads to the reader could mix and match each of the sweaters displayed at the top with the skirts at the bottom" ???

And meet a person who can describe Carry Grant as "A charming man, except that he was always trying to get me to take LSD." And Winston Churchill from the bottom of his "two pink waxy feet" to his top "dressed in a dangerously small hand holding a towel in place, the other gripping a huge cigar."

Who has homes that look like this:

And clothes that look like this:

And friends who look like this:

If 10 is not your answer, boy or girl, you're a peep. And the village peep at that.

And although you no longer have the option of meeting can read about her in February's Town&Country.

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