chapter ii

chapter ii


A childhood spent zinc covered, swimming in t-shirts, and accumulating freckles put me behind the curve in understanding the joy most people get from beaches. I got lost somewhere between salt water stinging my eyes and sweat as being the most dependable adhesive for sand to the skin. And then finding sand for days. In the car, in your sheets, in your tub. What I liked about it was tuna sandwiches on white bread with lots of dill pickles, fishing at night (no sun), board/card games (Scattergories and Speed), fluffy robes, boats, bare feet, and sitting in a hot tub...which most people didn't want to do considering the heat outside. So... I was basically a pair of SAS shoes and 10 grams of fiber a day short of being the most promising prospect for AARP.

But, aside from thinking about the beach in the winter, which is also appealing, grey and romantic...sweaters and jeans, I actually have been thinking about how nice the sun could be. I mean I'm not going to start ordering sorbets, (I'm a coffee/chocolate girl) and wishing I was blonde (anymore than I already do...which is only when blonde friends get perfect highlights and you are actually convinced they have more fun...) But I am going to start making some specific efforts to better equip myself for the weather...and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm hoping it will feel like when you've actually done your homework for class, and you're ready to be called on...

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