chapter ii

chapter ii


Sunday Rant

You know what bothers me? That Chase commercial where the husband and wife are talking about what you can spend your Chase points on. Well, really it's the husband telling the wife all the fun things you could do, like taking a trip to here or there and riding on a boat and yadda yadda. And then she says "we can't use the points on a vacation." And he says, "yes we can, we can use them on anything." And then she says "I know" and like opens up her arms to show him the lame dress she has on. And he smiles, but I know he doesn't mean it. And it really just bothers me that she would just go by that dress and use up allll those points that could have taken them on a trip just to buy a lame dress. A) it would be one thing if the dress was amazing and B) it's just so selfish. Don't you think? And then, to top it all off, the Chase voice comes in and says "Chase what matters." And I just think they got it all backwards. Or, I get the point they're making and I'm sure it's effective for some people, but I just think it's rude. And I had to tell someone.

But, you know what are so great these days?? Liquor and beer commercials. The Jack Daniels commercial about the No. 7, the Blue Moon commercial about Artistically Crafted beer with that yummy juicy orange slice (of which I now am acutely craving in addition to a milkshake) and the Johnnie Walker- Walk On commercials... They're so awesome. Oh and that Grey Goose commercial that I posted somewhere on my blog a couple of weeks ago where they're playing golf. Those people did not get anything backwards, they win.

Here are links to some:

Blue Moon

Jack Daniels- No. 7

Johnnie Walker Keep Walking

Thirsty anyone? Thought so.


McQueen09 said...

I hate that commercial! I bet the guy wishes he could use those points on a divorce. Also, another great liquor commercial is the new Jameson's Whiskey one:

Mal said...

yes yes i love that jameson one!

and you're hilarious.

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

I could not agree with you more! I always wanted to rant to someone about it but couldn't figure out who wouldn't give me serious stink eye...dumb dodo that I am, should have taken to Peppermint Bliss, that is what the blogosphere is for!!


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