chapter ii

chapter ii


Techmology: What, Is it?

(sorry the picture's blurry, blackberry again and I had to snap this quick before they noticed)

If you have nieces or nephews or grandchildren or siblings or whoever, who live long distance and have ichatting capabilities, I not only recommend doing it but I even more highly recommend showing your parents how to do it. I have recently introduced my parents to ichat so that they could see my sister and her kids... what once had a relaxed feel, the computer atop a Sunday newspaper has now evolved into something more... case in point: the photo above.

Now that little green light comes on to tell you the camera's about to roll and my mom goes running to the bathroom to put on lipstick while my dad picks up the dog and strategically makes it look like she's excitedly waving. Crazies on one end, giggles on the other= good old fashioned fun. It's amazing that these little kids are growing up with technology that was literally in cartoons and on shows when we were growing up. Plus, now my sister will have to explain that the dog does not actually know how to wave no matter how clearly Catesby will remember it...Anyway, try it at home. NOTE: Boston terrier in bumble-bee costume sold separately.

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