chapter ii

chapter ii


This is Just Happy

A spread from the October issue of Elle...

And if that giraffe sweater was a bit more in my price range, or atleast in the price range of what a giraffe sweatshirt should be (less than $250) you'd better believe I'd be putting that on with some leggings. A) because giraffes are very high ranking in my top favorite animals
(how could they not be, look how beautiful-picture's actually from Tito's blog...)

and B) because I take just about any chance to put on leggings, or spandex. (Which you pretty much know if you were friends with me my freshman year of college when I wore spandex pants and an SMU sweatshirt like every day)
And, if my trip goes according to plan, taking Catesby to Yellowstone at age 5 on the train, I may be so high on endorphins that that little bear jumper might look appropriate...


Mary Claire said...

the bear jumper for catesby? of yourself.....
hah i'm not sure I want to know the answer. also, so weird the word verification for this comment (you know, the word you have to type to post) is joezze. Elle spread... quite the coincidence.

Mal said...

maybe for the both of us? matching outfits on our yellowstone adventure...makes me feel like i'm getting to the age that I'd actually be someone's nightmare...a train trip in matching outfits... ha!


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