chapter ii

chapter ii


So if the blogging wasn't enough...

I just participated in the interactive episode of Flipping Out. I was so glad they asked if I would have fired Shawn. I was all fired up about it because Shawn should have been canned not for asking for a day off too soon, but for asking permission to go to the Jimmy Buffet concert at all.
Had he not been fired I bet he would have eventually strolled in late to work, in a cloud of Axe body spray (for the ladies) mixed with pina colada and long island ice tea after hearing that there was this amazing place called Senor Frogs where they serve drinks in a plastic cup a yard tall. (yesssss!!!!)

And if being a peep isn't grounds for firing him then how about just some good old fashioned sexual harassment (say it like harris-ment) ...because when he asks Zoila if she "Got her sexy on?" he sounds like a senior in high school trying to impress an 8th grader. Which more or less means he's a lester.
Anyway, comment didn't make it on air... probably didn't fit in (what that it was 6 lines long?) because the first comment that made it on air was "Hire him again, he's so cute!" in the end blogging is just enough. Queen of the castle.

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