chapter ii

chapter ii


Obssessed with you.. Audrey Tautou

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I am getting more and more excited about the upcoming Coco Before Chanel film. Both because Audrey Tautou is my stock answer for "if you could be any celebrity/have any celebrity body" and to actually learn about Coco before Chanel.

Especially after visiting the movie's website and reading quotes like these:

I didn't see DaVinci Code, but aftering seeing Priceless a few years ago, well I'm basically obsessed. (Well, and Amelie was obviously good too.)
Watching the movie makes you as giddy as if your the one drinking all the champagne they pour. Even Johnny, who is not especially easily persuaded to watch a movie with subtitles, left the theatre grinning. Maybe that's what she is- bubbly? No, no, she's too elegant to be described as bubbly. She just makes you feel a little bubbly. So she's more the intoxicant, and you are left with the effect, which is how it should be. Because you can't call someone so gorgeous, cute or bubbly. Although her counterpart in the movie, Gad Elmaleh, is definitely cute. Anyway, I highly recommend you rent it, especially to get excited for the next one.

For bubbles:

For goosebumps:

Click here for the film's website

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