chapter ii

chapter ii


The Village Peep

Description: medium height, brown shaggy mullet, wearing plaid. Last seen at the 10 o'clock showing of Julie&Julia.

Watching the Julie part of Julie&Julia was paaaainful. Painful I tell you. To form an appropriate analogy


The movie caused me to question whether or not I even like Amy Adams at all. But now, I'm focusing my blame on whoever thought that she:

should look like this:

for any reason, and that he or she should be pretty worried about job security for reasons other than the poor economy.
And I get it that maybe the real Julie wasn't that cute or something but just because making actresses less pretty makes the movie more authentic does not mean that you have to go so far as to give a very cute actress a mullet. There were a few times throughout the movie that I couldn't get Pinocchio's voice from Shrek out of my head when he says "I'm a real boy!" because she just looks like an awkward little pauper or something.
And the way her husband eats is so unappetizing you can't help but just wrinkle your face that someone thought it was okay to make people watch that on a big screen with smacking sound effects. I can honestly say that none of the times before now have I really been that seriously embarrassed about being a blogger until I watched this movie. And really only when you hear her answering machine "Hi this is Julie and __husbands name__(said by him, the rest said by her) and we are either blogging, or cooking or working or...." whatever, you get it, it's just really...peepish. And then your hopes are lifted for just a second when Pyscho Killer starts playing in the background...only to find out it's playing too early and that she's not actually going to kill any lobster. Whatever hope I was still clinging on to was completely gone after that point.

But! the Julia part was really cute, of course.

Meryl Streep is too cute and the story was too good...perhaps with the exception of her husband's turquoise ring... and that woman from Best in Show, Jane Lynch, who plays her sister..awkward but all in all it really was darling and funny. Her parts of the movie actually does make you want to cook, and entertain, and travel, and be in love, and drink wine, and eat, and eat, and eat. Mmmm butter.

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