chapter ii

chapter ii


Intro to the Best and Worst Day

After being in New York for a month I finally set out for a dose of culture, institutional style. (As if Chinatown last weekend, the drag queens a block away,etc etc aren't enough) As it's hard to convince anyone who has been living here to go to museums, it's even harder convincing downtown people to venture up. So with my last day of work yesterday I had this Friday to myself. I had envisioned waking up with a go-getter attitude no later than 9, having a healthy hippy breakfast,
a cup of coffee and hitting the streets maybe in something cute and museum-ish feeling...

Well, I woke up at ten. Thirty. Ok, forty-five, had a healthy hippy breakfast-Muesli, followed by an oppositely themed bowl of Lucky Charms thanks to Mary Claire. Something about those artificial marshmallows is surprisingly delicious,
it's almost peepish...Then I had to watch the Project Runway from last night; it was hilarious and ridiculous. Then I was ready to go...

...Or so I thought. Got an email about a surprise Mexican birthday party for tomorrow night that encouraged bringing booze and goodies and the light bulb went off that I'd try as I may to duplicate some sort of version of the "Sanchez" from Lamberts, just thinking about it makes my mouth water, by infusing vodka with jalapenos. I realize usually people leave the vodka "fusing" for days and days but seeing as I had about 30 hours until deadline I just added more jalapenos to hopefully even out the lack of time. Rushed out, bought jalapenos and a bottle of vodka. Came back, cut up these jalapenos and remove the seeds and core of each of them with my hands sans running water because nothing can actually go down any of the drains here... probably should have used some gloves or something for this task. Finished that project, was finally ready yet again to set out.
So quickly, before I left the apartment I put on a bunch of sunscreen. It was so hot and sunny outside so I made sure to put sunscreen all over- my arms, the back of my neck, chest, and face with extra around my eyes because I hope that if my eyes never get sun exposure they won't ever age...I know. Now it was down the elevator and out on the streets walking to the subway when all of the sudden I feel like I'm on fire. Straight up in a blaze of glory. Starting with my eyes. Not the actual eyes but the skin all around them. And I'm freaking out because I remember someone telling some story about getting lemon juice on their hands and then being in the sun and the combination left these really awful burns on their hands... and I'm thinking I will have burns on my face. I will have burns all over my face! But I am alone, I have no mirror so I frantically walk, trying to stay calm, hoping that the sunscreen-- however infused it became (how convenient- doesn't take days and days for that to happen) with jalapeno juice--will protect me. Run into a Duane Reade, check my face, it's fine- no sign of burns, externally anyway.

I consider going back. Right there, throwing in the towel, heading home taking another shower and saying I'd blame it on the jalapeno juice that I didn't ever make it up to the museum. But, I trudged on, thinking it will go away soon. Down into the subway it was so hot as usual and on top of sweating because it's so hot outside, I literally thought I might cry or that if the external signs of the jalapeno burns hadn't shown up before, they must be now. It felt like when your sunburned and then you go back into the sun and it's just burning you even more? Do people who actually have normal amounts of melanin know that feeling? It's not good.

So I finally make it, burning the whole entire time, up to 86th street where I customarily walk in the wrong direction for about 4-5 blocks before stopping in at a coolly air conditioned Starbucks to ask a nice woman which way was east and which was west. I have wanted a compass since my first day here. She points me in the right direction and I set out again. This happens all day "setting out" in one direction or another only to hit some sort of obstacle. I walk and walk, walk, walk, (still burning) down 86th street feeling about 86% sure that I will get hit by a car,
when the guy in front of me ducks in to the left down a path leading to the park. I think, "I'll walk through the park too!" as my sandals start kicking up loose dirt that is now getting stuck to the sweaty soles of my shoes. I try to ignore it because the view is spectacular
but this isn't first grade and I'm not running on the playground, dirty toes I cannot handle. Now, I realllly wanted to throw in the towel, or at least have a towel to wipe off my forehead, because other than quickly approaching destination Heat Stroke, I was pretty sure I was lost and of course still burning. Happened upon a drink cart and quickly bought a water, drank about half, put the bottle in my purse. Then I wandered, dripping in sweat in a grey T-shirt for a while more. No joke, I have always been envious of people at the gym who workout so hard they sweat through their shirts. I have purchased grey shirts for this reason in the past and still just had to go to the water fountain and let some water drip down to look like I was capable of doing this. Well, be careful what you wish for is all I'm saying.

Completely annoyed, discouraged, on the brink of death, etc. I finally just suck it up and get in a cab. The cab driver may have been friendly but he was also insane and had absolutely no business driving. I thought surely, if not the heat, his driving will probably kill us. But! It didn't. He dropped me off safely right in front of my final destination: The Cooper-Hewitt. I made it! Thank God, I made it. And so began the 2 hour long best part of the day, even if by that point my lips were starting to burn too.

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Lauren Moorman said...

Yay! So glad you made it to the Cooper Hewitt! Wasn't the felt amazing? Can't wait to see you next weekend! xo


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